Green Lent worship events

A Gathering event to launch the Green Lent resources will take place on Sunday 6 March 2011, 4.00pm at St Mary’s, Carden Place, Aberdeen. The Guest Preacher will be Prof John Eldridge, British sociologist known for his writings on industrial society.

All who attend will be invited to come forward and pick up a stone. We will ask you to pay attention to your stone. See how it is unique and special. See how it is related to all things of the earth. As you journey through this penitential season, we will ask you to keep the stone with you. Carry it in your pocket, place it on your prayer table at home: keep it in mind. Let it become for you the symbol of those important things you discover, or rediscover, about your relationship with all of creation during this Lenten pilgrimage together.

When we re-gather for the Sending Out service at St Ninian’s, Mar Lodge, at 4pm on the 8th of May, please bring your stone with you so it can be returned to the River Dee (its source). It is important to give back what we take from God’s creation.

If you cannot come to either of these events, please find some time to go to a favourite beauty spot for reflection, pick up a pebble, and, after completing the course return there to replace it as a sign of your commitment to live more lightly on this earth.

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